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Moulded candle 150G Ylang




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Colourful and with a rustic appearance, each candle should be considered as a unique product, with its own individual characteristics, resulting from the hand crafted nature of the product.

- 100% vegetable wax

- Burning time: Ap.: 18H

- Perfume from Grasse

To get the best out of your candle and for reasons of safely, it is necessary to follow some basic rules:

- Store your candles in a cool, dry and dark place.
- Do not expose candles directly to sunlight (this will cause fading) or a heat source (this could soften the wax).
- Never place a candle in a draft or near a flammable object.
- Never leave a burning candle unattended.
- Always place a candle in the appropriate holder and on a flat and heat resistant surface.
- Never move a lighted candle. If you must move a candle, blow it out first. Allow the wax to cool and harden before moving it, then re-light it.
- Never leave match fragments, bits of wick or foreign matter in the melted wax, to avoid any sudden flare-up.
- When using your candle for the first time, let your candle burn until its top surface is liquid. This will prevent the formation of pits.
- Let the candle burn for at least 1 hour to bring out all the fragrance of the scent.
- Always ensure that the wick is not too long before lighting a candle. Trim the wick to less than 0.5 cm. Also cut the wick if it has blackened at the end. A wick that is too long produces black smoke and a high flame.
- Always ensure that the wick is in the centre and straight, so that the candle burns evenly across its surface.
- Do not leave a candle burning for more than 3 hours at any one time, in order to preserve the scent and to ensure optimum combustion.


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